Moving from 'the fate of the gods' to living from the centre of ones deep wise self requires courage, commitment and a belief in one's unique destiny. 

The retreats I offer provide the opportunity to get away from the daily routine, step into a safe confidential space and explore, reclaim and embody the parts of ourselves that, for whatever reasons, may have been overlooked in previous life stages.

These retreats are held close to or out in wild and natural environments, which never fails to serve as a powerful ally to  those travelling the path toward authenticity.

Themed differently, these events help us grow beyond the limits of our cultural identities. The events are for men and mixed gender groups of between 14 and 20 delegates aged (on average) 30+.

These titles provide a flavour of the territories open for exploration. 

  • Awakening the Inner King and Queen - Principles and Practices for Personal Sovereignty. 
  • Grief, Grace and Gratitude - Grief Tending in Nature 
  • Reclaiming Teenage Gold - Community Mentor Training 
  • Masks and Mandalas - A Journey to the Centre.
  • Wild Life - Nature Based Vision Quest.

Please see my events page for details of what is currently scheduled.