For 20 years I have worked with individuals and organisations as they approach frontiers; those who know deep down that life is calling them forward.

In large and small groups, or in more intimate 1:1 settings, I support those who are ready to move forward, each in their own way. 

Deep Ecopsychology is a dynamic experiential  platform for personal and cultural change. It’s a generative modality blending several core disciplines - (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Generative Coaching, Systemic Trance, Analytical Psychology, and Self-Relations Psychotherapy. Like life itself, it is only truly meaningful if rooted in the wild and natural world and our hard wired relationship with it. 

In practice, it’s about starting a courageous conversation with the wild elemental nature of ourselves as we stand on the frontier where the deep currents of our lives meet the world we inhabit and in turn imagine the world we wish to create. 

It's a conversation that takes place in the UK and far beyond: on the phone and skype, on sofas, in cafes and coffee shops, on walks beside wild rivers and oceans, amongst the mountains and forests, in corporate boardrooms and training suites or gathered around a fire after a long weekend retreat or workshop. 

Whatever the context, my clients share the same deep desire; to fully embrace their lives and in doing so, contribute to the communities and cultures they care about. They are committed to living authentic and creative lives sourced from within.