After 21 years of supporting people to access and integrate the deeper aspects of their unique lives, I’m developing Deep Ecopsychology. It’s a synthesis of NLP, Self-Relations Psychotherapy, Generative Coaching, Systemic Trance, Jungian Psychology and the resonant intelligence of the body, all rooted in the deep wisdom of the wild natural world. It’s primary focus is to help people access and embody their own deep imagination, creativity and skill in service to their authentic intentions.

I work one to one in person in my office, out in the wild and internationally via the web. I offer personal development retreats, vision quests and organisational facilitation, training and consultancy in the UK and beyond.


Deep Ecopsychology rises from three core principles. In brief these are:

Depth Psychologies assert that for every observable expression (or surface structure) of human consciousness there is a corresponding deep structure motivation; what we see for instance expressed as behaviour has it’s motivations at a layer that exists beneath and before that behaviour. 

Ecology asserts that ‘Life’ is a series of inter-dependent dynamic systems and sub-systems, each with their own unique and evolving motivations and expressions that contribute to and compliment the whole. Moreover, it asserts that the health of the whole and any sub-system thereof is fundamentally dependent on the quality of the relationship between its parts.

Psychology is the term given to the study of the evolution of individual and collective meaning making amongst humans. It explores the development of our beliefs, values, behaviours and creative outputs, including psycho-pathologies. It seeks to discover not merely what people think and feel, but rather what bio, psycho, social influences and contexts have led them to think, feel and behave the way they do. Whilst understanding these processes is important and often profoundly useful, true psychology seeks the creative integration, embodiment and meaningful utilisation of these thoughts and feelings at both the individual and collective layers of experience.

A brief introduction to the Helios Fellowship