The Prelude - William Wordsworth

Two miles I had to walk along the fields
Before I reach'd my home. Magnificent
The Morning was, a memorable pomp,
More glorious than I ever had beheld;
The Sea was laughing at a distance; all
The solid Mountains were as bright as clouds,

Grain-tinctured, drench'd in empyrean light;
And, in the meadows and the lower grounds,
Was all the sweetness of a common dawn,
Dews, vapors, and the melody of birds,
And Laborers going forth into the fields.
– Ah! need I say, dear Friend, that to the brim

My heart was full; I made no vows, but vows
Were then made for me; bond unknown to me
Was given, that I should be, else sinning greatly,
A dedicated Spirit. On I walk'd
In blessedness which even yet remains. 

Paul J HowellComment