English Girl Eats Her First Mango - John Agard


If I did tell she

hold this gold

of sundizzy

tonguelicking juicy

mouthwater flow

ripe with love

from the tropics


she woulda tell me

trust you to be



so I just say

taste this mango


and I watch she hold

the smooth cheeks

of the mango

blushing yellow

and a glow

rush to she own cheeks


and she ask me

what do I know

just bite into it?


and I was tempted

to tell she

why not be a devil

and eat of the skin

of the original sin


but she woulda tell me

trust you to be



so I would just say

it’s up to you

if you want to peel it


and I watch she feels it

as something precious


then she smile and say

looks delicious


and I tell she

don’t waste sweet words

when she sweetness

in your hand


just bite it man

peel it with the teeth

that God gave you


or better yet

do like me mother

used to do

and squeeze

till the flesh

turns syrup

nibble a hole

then suck the gold

like bubby

in child mouth

squeeze and tease out

every drop of spice


sounds nice

me friend tell me


and I remind she that ain’t

apple core

so don’t forget

the seed

suck that too

the sweetest part

the juice does run

down to your heart


man if you see

the English rose

she face was bliss

down to the pink

of she toes


and when she finish

she smile

and turn to me


lend me your hanky

my fingers are all sticky

with mango juice


and I had to tell she

what hanky

you talking about

you don’t know

when you eat mango

you hanky

is you tongue


man just lick

your finger

you call that


unless you prefer

to call it


in reverse

Paul J HowellComment