Credo - Paul J Howell


May the mysteries of oceans inspire me and

The timelessness of mountains watch over me. 

May the great trees and forests breath with me and 

the dancing winds blow into me.

May the brilliance of the sun shine through me and from me and 

May the peace of the moon rest in me as an infinity of stars whisper secrets to me.

May the beauty of rivers flow with me and  

refresh me with purpose in this life. 

May the storms of thunder and light humble me as

their rains cleanse me of all that is not mine. 

May my brothers and sisters lift me and reflect  

my true and divine nature and may the creatures with wing, fin, hoof, tooth and claw

remember me and walk beside me as I travel upon this good earth.  

And may the great spirit patiently remain in my Soul

and guide me all my days.

Paul J HowellComment