Conversations With God - Fred Lamot

Everybody seems to be having
conversations with God. 
So I had one too.
"God," I said, "I only have one question. 
Why did You create the universe?"

"I don't remember," God replied. 
"Does it matter?"

I wouldn't take this for an answer, 
so I pressed the issue. 
"Scriptures declare that You
spoke the Word of creation. 
Doesn't your Word mean anything?"

God thought about this for a moment, 
then replied, "No. I was just singing."

I demanded an explanation. God said, 
"Just humming a melody for my Beloved, 
who was quietly dancing. 
She inspires everything I do. 
She has been my delight
from the beginning. 
At the world's creation, 
I stroked her dark hair
as she lay her head against my shoulder. 
I'm not even sure of her name. 
Sophia? Shakti? Ishq'Il Haqq? 
I only know, She is my Silence

"But Lord," I said, "philosophers
and scholars search for meaning. 
Is there no Reason behind your work?"

"None at all," said the Creator. 
"I'm just in love. 
What more do lovers need?"


Paul J HowellComment