Ceithir Gaothan na h-Albann (The Four Winds of Scotland) - George Campbell Hay


My melodious, gentle breeze blowing from southward in my Summer 
birchwood is she;
my ocean storm, with downpour sending in headlong spate each 
burn for me;
the north wind with driving snow that makes beautiful the hills for me;
the wind that drives my Springtime muirburn up the slopes of glens 
is she.

The leaves of Summer, the spate of Autumn, the snowdrifts and the 
high Spring wind is she;
the sough of the woodland, the roaring of waterfalls, the freshness of 
the snow and the heather ablaze is she; 
mild pleasantness and melody, angry pride and courage, growth and 
the pouring of the showers is she;
breath of my body, nurture of my understanding, my hands, my joints 
and my soul is she.
All year long, each season through, each day and each fall of dusk 
for me, 
it is Scotland, Highland and Lowland, that is laughter and warmth and 
life for me.




George Campbell Hay


Paul J HowellComment