For 21 years my primary focus has been guiding people and organisation in their quest to realise the full potential. It’s been an incredibly rich learning journey through many realms of study and experience, taking me far beyond anything I imagined when I was working as an engineer.

I work 1:1 one in person in my office, out in nature and internationally via the web. I offer personal development retreats, vision quests and organisational facilitation, training and consultancy in the UK and beyond.

Along the way I’ve been developing Deep Ecopsychology. It’s an evolving synthesis of the principles and practices of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Self-Relations Psychotherapy, Generative Coaching, Systemic Trance, Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Ritual, Rites of Passage and the resonant intelligence of the body. It pays deference to indigenous wisdom traditions, winding its way back to our deep roots in the wild natural world.

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Brief Bio


Born in London and raised in Buckinghamshire, I began my first career as an apprentice distribution gas engineer in central London and progressed to technical IT programme manager for a multi-national energy company. In 1997 I began my studies in applied psychology (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and 5 years later embarked on a very different journey.

I travelled extensively for two years and began coaching people I met along the way. I returned to Bristol and established Clarity Coaching, offering coaching, training and consultancy in Bristol, UK. I continued to study and explore in the UK and far beyond. I worked with public and private sector clients at the sharp end of change and transition. I worked successfully with individuals from every sector of society facing every kind of transition.

Over two decades I’ve taught psychology in open course to the public, in business, in university and in the wilderness. I founded Journeyman UK, a charity to offer men and boys a contemporary rite of passage and community based peer mentoring.


I moved to the North-East of Scotland in 2015, where I spend my leisure time indulging my passion for hiking, mountain biking, and photography.

My professional time is focused on 1:1 work, either in my consulting room or out in the wild. I’m slowly building the necessary support to launch The Helios Fellowship in earnest in mid / late 2019. It’s an evolution of Journeyman with a specific focus on educating and training generative community leaders.

In the mix is a portfolio of Rewilding projects, supporting landscape scale conservation, along side culture change processes amongst key stakeholders and wilderness advocates across Scotland. Working with passionate, talented and motivated pioneering charities, government dept’s and universities to regenerate the wild places, building health and resilience into the land and empowering the communities that depend upon it.


Up and Coming…



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