For 21 years my primary focus has been guiding people and organisation in their quest to realise the full potential. It’s been an incredibly rich learning journey through many realms of study and experience, taking me far beyond anything I imagined when I was working as an engineer.

I work 1:1 one in person in my office, out in nature and internationally via the web. I offer personal development retreats, vision quests and organisational facilitation, training and consultancy in the UK and beyond.


Along the way I’ve been developing Deep Ecopsychology. It’s an evolving synthesis of the principles and practices of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Self-Relations Psychotherapy, Generative Coaching, Systemic Trance, Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Ritual, Rites of Passage and the resonant intelligence of the body. It pays deference to indigenous wisdom traditions, winding its way back to our deep roots in the wild natural world.

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