LB - Bristol

"When I first met Paul we were sat around a fire. He was speaking of male suicide rates and sharing his experiences of guiding young men through the turbulent waters of adolescence. Two days previously I had held on to the arms of a distressed young male as he jumped from a roof top. The synchronicity of this meeting ran deep.  Since that meeting I have known Paul in various capacities, most recently Paul has mentored me following an initiatory experience of a Vision Quest marking my own transition in to adulthood. 

Having Paul walk alongside me on this journey has pulled me further in to life than perhaps I would have chosen to go on my own. I can take myself to the edge and I trust that Paul will meet me there; at the edge of my anguish, my fear, my uncertainty and my pain. He will meet me there in the place of change with a steady experienced hand. There is something of Paul’s presence in these moments that makes that precarious terrain feel safe, that speaks to the spirit of compassion, wisdom, humour and love, and which emboldens the desire of my soul to take a stand and awaken to the immensity of life.   

Paul’s sensitivity is such that he can sense rising tears from 500 miles. He understands when a softer touch may be needed, and when to bring me back to myself when I wander or hide. He invites the expression of an inner voice which speaks through the imagination and the language of dreams. He has a knack of asking the right questions in the right moments, questions which keep me connected, questions which sew seeds. Ultimately, there are moments with Paul where I feel my experience of life to be confirmed, that he has seen, heard and welcomed all that I come with, whilst holding the space for all that is undefined. I’m doing something here, and he gets it. That feels precious. To work with Paul is a blessing".

LB. Bristol.