IPR - Movement Psychotherapist and Independent Social Worker - Bristol.

I have had a couple of sessions with Paul, one of them I would describe as 'therapy' and the other as more connected with 'coaching'
To start I was curious about Paul's approach to therapy as he appeared to have created his unique one. Secondly I sought his help because I believed he could understand and support my process as he had walked that path before me. Thirdly, I find in Paul a good balance between spiritualily and being grounded and pragmatic when needed. In my experience there are not many people showing that equilibrium. 

I found Paul’s approach to be very kind but also to be somehow penetrating. After our work together, I found myself motivated to carry my projects forward with a sense of being able to ‘trust the process’. This has assisted me in clearly defining what I want to do and pursuing it. It was also useful to discuss the balance between giving direction to a project and at the same time allowing flexibility to it.