K - Scotland

"When I started working with Paul last Autumn I was stuck; in a state of stagnation and inertia I was also feeling an increasing sense of urgency and a deepening awareness that I just couldn’t keep on going like this. Something needed to shift, change, be unlocked, but I wasn’t sure what or how.......

Throughout our sessions Paul created and held safe spaces (physical/emotional/psychological) in which to engage with soulful work; an exciting, demanding, fascinating, moving, and at times difficult, process of exploration and excavation.

With Paul I felt I was being accompanied by an experienced, skilled, wise and compassionate guide who seems to instinctively know when to lead and when to follow, when to gently nurture and when to firmly challenge, and who has a way of being and humour that encourages and facilitates openness and discovery. I felt the benefits of Paul using a range of ‘tools and techniques’, of bringing different, new perspectives to the process. I also appreciated the opportunity to work outside as well as indoors and found it personalised to what I needed on the day/the stage I was at/what was unfolding and emerging. 

In grounded, supportive, creative ways Paul helped me with accessing and owning my inner wisdom and power, and in finding, engaging with and integrating parts of myself that I had lost or neglected. I have been enabled to ask some hard questions of myself and my life, and with more energy, determination, focus, commitment and understanding to begin to turn my face and look towards the future, to start to see new possibilities". 

K. Scotland.