DP - Scotland

I have worked with Paul for many years now and he has seen us through some traumatic moments.  Paul's insight into the psyche and his ability to explain complex (and often life threatening) situations has been invaluable (and life saving) to myself and my husband.  Knowing that he can, without fail, make sense of even the most devastating and confusing situations is of great comfort. I feel blessed to have had him in our lives and the more I understand about myself and others through the hours of talking (and often walking) with him, the more I have been able to gain insight and clarity for myself and by myself.  He asked for a simple but heartfelt testimonial … two young children still have their father and a wife still has her husband because of the work he did with us as a family … there is no greater testimony.  He saved a life, a family and gave us all back a future. 

Paul J HowellComment