LD - Scotland

It is not first aid, it is deep soulful work. I count Paul among the few people in my life who have touched me at such a deep level and am hugely grateful for the work we have done together. Life changing.

LD. Scotland.

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LB - Bristol

There is something of Paul’s presence in these moments that makes that precarious terrain feel safe, that speaks to the spirit of compassion, wisdom, humour and love, and which emboldens the desire of my soul to take a stand and awaken to the immensity of life.   

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K - Scotland

"When I started working with Paul last Autumn I was stuck; in a state of stagnation and inertia I was also feeling an increasing sense of urgency and a deepening awareness that I just couldn’t keep on going like this. Something needed to shift, change, be unlocked, but I wasn’t sure what or how...

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