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The Art of Mirroring - Off the Map, into the Body


Love as the way, Love as a skill…

We are hard wired relational creatures, yet we live in a world that is increasingly fragmenting and becoming lost to its primary sense of belonging, to each other, to the earth and the unifying mythologies that guide our collective path.

This 4 day programme will explore the depths of what it means to see and be seen, to hear and be truly heard, and how in these precious moments of connection, we are remembered to our deepest sense of self, as well as restored to our sense of belonging to something larger.

If you are a coach, therapist, mentor, leader, teacher, partner, parent, or any kind of human that has relationships with other humans this is for you. 

We shall learn how to become resourceful, and to establish and maintain authentic safe connection under adverse conditions. 
Drawing from self-relations psychotherapy, generative coaching and embodiment / somatic work we shall get back to the basics (e.g. boundaries, permission, congruency and centring) before moving gracefully into deeper ways of connecting through non-verbal communication, story telling, deep relaxation and the skilful utilisation of our intuitions. 

We shall explore the deep structures of attachment and developmental trauma, and dissociation, we'll explore shock trauma and it's dissociations. 

We shall work with the horse and rider model of the somatic wisdom of the body and its complimentary other; the cognitive rational intellect as we explore the qualitative difference in their particular gifts, and what it's like when they become a generative duo.

We shall explore positive, negative and neutral sponsorship of Self and Other and practice giving and receiving what is sometimes called blessing; that deep and penetrating recognition that we are welcome and unique in our very being, using our voice and the deep presence of our bodies. This process alone changes lives. 

The dates and cost need to be confirmed. It will be in Scotland close to Findhorn. Numbers will be limited to 24.  

If you have any questions please do email me - with TAOM in the title.