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The Roots and Rites of Renewal - Vision Quest

'“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore…”

Andre Gide


This is a sincere invitation to embark upon and to deepen your hero and heroines journey by way of a vision quest, including a 4 day fast in the wilderness, in solitude. 

This is not for everyone, and offers you no guarantee of healing, growth or any particular revelation. It is not a magic pill or miracle cure. It is simply an invitation to make time and space in your life to honour your deep wise self; that indestructible tender soft spot we each and everyone has, the aspect of consciousness that resides on the edge of our everyday awareness, and so recognising more fully its call to presence. 

It's about you, stepping out of the conventional world and fiercly into your own life. It's an invite to meet yourself as you actually are, to honour where you've been, and make some deep vows about where you are headed next. It’s about reconnecting and recalibrating our relationship to the wild natural world.

To undergo this ordeal requires significant commitment, courage, focus, dedication and preparation over an extended period. The end of this 12 day rite of passage is the beginning of your own ongoing incorporation practice. 

It also requires humility, the willingness not to know, and trust you will be met by what you most need to meet.

Of ancient psycho-spiritual origin and offered here with zero dogma, just diligent guidance and practical support, you will be welcomed and prepared to meet your authentic reflection in the mirror of the wild natural world, and thereafter as a part of a community be welcomed back to share stories and insights you returned with. The practice of mirroring by way of council will help you start to integrate and embody their significance, not just for yourself but the world at large. 

Offered in a contemporary form it’s a bio, psycho, social necessity for those wishing to harness the gifts of their deep wise imagination, in authentic relationship with the wild natural world.

In addition to the core 12 day Quest, an online programme of mentoring pre and post this event is included.

Please email me at to ask any questions, a registration pack.

Places are limited. Age 18 and over.

Findhorn Sunset Solitude

Findhorn Sunset Solitude


Over the last 20 years I have worked as a coach, psychotherapist, mentor, trainer, facilitator and consultant - the common thread has been change and transformation, personal and organisational. Guiding Vision Quests near my home, a landscape that has been my sanctuary, solace and inspiration for the same amount of time brings all of my skills and experience down to their most essential elements and reminds me, I am still very much a beginner. Being in deep relationship with a community of committed questers, sharing simple food and the beauty of the land whilst shedding what needs shedding and embracing what needs to be claimed; this is the most fulfilling work for me, a deep honour and a profound learning every step of the way.  You can read my full bio here