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Fire in the Kings Cup - Deep Ecopsychology Immersion for Men

This pan-cultural rite of passage ceremony has supported men become and remain generative for millennia offered here as a 12-day programme incorporating a 4 day solo fast in nature.


"A vision quest, when adequately prepared for and sincerely approached, (with reverence, humility and a good handful of mischief), will grant us a glimpse of our true self as seen through the eyes of the wild and natural world. As it mirrors back the essential images awaiting in our soul, it reveals to us both in sensation and story the unique desires, gifts and purpose that belong to us and which are ours alone to steward. 

As an extra bonus, undergoing the ordeal of a vision fast enlarges our fundamental sense of belonging, often way beyond our rational capacities and leaves us with a splinter of awe buried deep inside our hearts.

It is the best way we are able to blend the archaic archetypal images with our personal images and allow them to be woven through and encapsulated within the deep wisdom of nature. 

Initially, this is often seen as a burden and a blessing. A burden as in we need to cultivate our own way to carry it, effectively apprenticing ourselves to our soul's wisdom, and a blessing because we can, without guilt or regret, set aside all that isn’t ours to carry." - Paul Howell  

It is the most direct way to remember what it means to 'Know Thyself'.

"This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Shakespeare. 

Gathering on land first inhabited by the Picts 5000 years ago, near ancient middens, a short distance from Macbeth’s castle and the battleground of Culloden, amidst abbeys and neolithic stone circles, we will already be walking on the mythical grounds that have shaped the soul of Britain and thus its legacies. 

As a community our intention will be simple: to witness, bless and celebrate the significant transitions in our lives. In doing so we’ll embrace and embody the inspiration and insight necessary for the fulfilment of our deepest dreams and longings. 

Offered in a contemporary form it’s a bio, psycho, social necessity for those wishing to harness the gifts of their deep wise imagination, in authentic relationship with the wild natural world.

Findhorn Sunset Solitude

Findhorn Sunset Solitude

To register your interest and request an information pack and application form, please email me at:

Places are limited to 18 - Age 18 and up.

You can hear me speak to this event in 4 rough and ready parts below.

I’m very grateful to have these two men accompany me on this quest. Luke joins me as assistant guide and Josh as camp co-ordinator.

I am a facilitator, teacher, mentor and dramatherapist. For twelve years my work has been with young people who exist within the margins, often overwhelmed and lost in the floods of change and the storms of life.  My task is to recognise and honour the unseen gifts and abilities carried within my clients. I create and offer spaces to explore the stories waiting to be lived. Playfulness, creativity and connection are my chief tools.

Luke Brinsford.

Luke Brinsford.

I am a poet, an artist, a dancer and a seeker. I am called to explore the mysteries of life, and to the great cycles of nature. I have a deep appreciation and respect for solitude and celebration, for stories and circles, symbols and the imagination, and to the natural beginnings and endings that each life holds. 

I am called to this work for its simplicity, its potency and its potential. It is an honour to be part of a community of men who have been inspired to move towards their own inner longings and who have the courage to embrace the larger story that awaits. I trust that together we will find new insights and fresh understandings, and a deeper sense of purpose and meaning within the lives we are truly here to live.

Josh Smith.