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Initiation, Rites of Passage and Generative Culture

  • Findhorn Foundation Findhorn The Park, Findhorn, IV36 3TZ UK (map)

When rites of passage fail, communities fail. When rites of passage are honoured communities thrive and cultures flourish.

The phrase Rites of Passage evokes something powerful in the human heart. It stirs an ancient longing and transports us back to a vague imaginal space where we lived more simply; closer to the earth and each other in every way – a time where we knew ourselves more completely and where our deepest sense of interdependence moved through us like the air that becomes our breath. 

Humans are relational creatures. The need for meaningful initiation and rites of passage are hardwired into the human soul – we can see it attempting to move us in that direction in every moment if we look with atrained eye. It is through these psycho-bio-social rites that we remain connected in ways that nourish and heal us and help us cherish the world that sustains all life.

Paul is a wilderness guide, psychotherapist, and coach. He carries a deep reverence for indigenous wisdom, the insight of contemporary approaches to healing and growth and the profound and courageous capacities of the human heart. 

A master trainer of NLP, a student of myth, archetypes, dream and extraordinary states of consciousness and the primary intelligence inherent in the body, he believes we are each in a dynamic and instinctual conversation with the natural world and the numinous forces that constellate the grand array of existence that calls us ever forward. He Founded Journeyman UK and is a former member of the Mankind Project.

This Sunday he will share insight and stories and gather your questions and curiosities into a dynamic conversation on this theme. NB - This is a free event. No ticket is required.