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Helios Fellowship - Awakening the Inner King

The Helios Fellowship is go!

This experiential 5 day training might be for you if:

  • You are a leader, or feel called to lead in any context.

  • You want to start a men’s group, or evolve your existing one.

  • If you want to mentor adolescent boys, or young adult males in your community.

  • You are interested in learning about the importance of adequate initiations and meaningful rites of passage in men and boy, from a cultural, community and personal development perspective.

  • If you are involved in educating teenage boys, or they are a part of your professional remit.

  • You are are seeking a deeper understanding of your own journey as a man, as a father, partner etc.

The first formal Helios Fellowship gathering will be a deep, fun, experiential exploration of The Archetypes of Generative Masculinity - thru the lens of the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover archetypes as per my late mentor, the celebrated Jungian Analyst and theologian, Dr Robert Moore.  

We'll gather here in the wild beauty of North East Scotland and, whilst wandering the rivers, beaches and forests, by the ancient ‘way of council’, we’ll explore what masculinity means for us, as individuals, as a community, and as a generative culture at this time.

For me personally it is a carefully considered return to this work; 11 years after my first meeting men from the Mankind Project and Abandofbrothers, 9 years after founding Journeyman UK, and 6 years after my painful encounters with the dark shadows that haunt those organisations.

The Helios Fellowship is the result, and a direct consequence of that learning. Over time, it’s growth will be shaped by the men and boys who are wiling and able to contribute their own growth and development, each in their own ways.

I now know a little more of why we men hunger for meaning, purpose and sincere authentic connection, and the rituals that enable and enliven these fundamental needs, not just for us as individuals, but for the communities we belong to, the places we work and play and, crucially for the future of the planet too.

My intention is to support men from every sphere of life to deepen and expand their sense of belonging, power, responsibility and joy, and to learn who they are as they wrestle these and other experiences from the clutches of a world that tells them they are dangerous, stupid, too much or not enough. Or else heroic martyrs of the capitalist corporate empires and the crushing curse of their carbon economies.

What we do, who we fund and collude with, how we invest our time, energy, money and minds matters, more than we like to know. We can start riots or stop them. We can sit down or stand up, but if we don’t claim who we are, ultimately nothing will matter, because we don’t.

We only invest our authentic best into spaces we feel welcome. We only wish to heal what we feel we can truly grow. To get there, some things need to die if the generative aspects of our consciousness are to find renewal and subsequent movement.

I truly believe that until these things are a lived reality, their shadows will be cast far and wide: suicide, addiction, violence internalised or projected outward.


Designed around a core curriculum specifically for men who recognise their call to grow as mentors, leaders and agents of personal and social change, this programme will also include plenty of time for personal reflection and peer discussion.

We shall be drawing from our personal experience, ancient and contemporary mythology and depth psychologies, nature, and grounding these in the principles and practices of embodiment.

Those who attend will embark on their own journey, each in their own way at their own pace, and along the way gain deep insight into the deep structures and dynamics of the developing masculine psyche, and also the core skills needed to steward their associated powers and potential, first within themselves and each other. Amongst other things we'll look at the potentials and pitfalls of stewarding power, and the relationship masculinity has to its complimentary opposite and dance partner; the generative feminine.

The focus will be personal growth and development in the context of your life as a human, who happens also to identify as male. We'll learn how to meet, greet and address our healing as needs arise.  

I'll be inviting those who wish to practice their leadership and facilitation skills to compliment the core curriculum with their own offerings. 

Over the next 5 years I expect this gathering to be a space where men return annually to learn, grow, share and enjoy the gifts we all have to bring.

When men leave this event, in addition to the experiences undergone whilst present, they will belong to "The Helios Fellowship" - a dynamic peer mentoring network, and will be confident and capable of asking for and providing meaningful support.  

NB - this is not a 'sheep dip' event. It will be a dynamic organic process that evolves around a core theme; generative masculinity. You will be supported and challenged to decide what that is for yourself, and set your course as you feel suits you best.  

I'm still discussing practical details and cost with the venue . I’ll more comprehensive information to those who express an interest.

Please simply email me on with ‘Helios’ in the title and we’ll be sure to include you in future communications.