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Findhorn - Men's Community Council

  • Universal Hall The Park, Findhorn, IV36 3TZ scotland (map)

This invitation is extended to all men of the Findhorn Community aged 18 and over, to gather in facilitated space to initiate and engage in honest dialogue in light of recent events.

In the UK 13 men commit suicide every day. 2 women do the same. There are many reasons for this, contemporary culture and its limited notions of masculinity being a key aspect. Isolation, lack of emotional presence, mistrust, shame…all affect men. 

This afternoon seeks to provide a broad understanding of the deep structures of the masculine soul, its specific developmental needs, its potentials and pitfalls. More importantly it seeks to serve as a call to action for all men who care for this community and its future, to explore and embrace their latent potentials and harness them consciously together as a community for mutual benefit in every realm.  

Through simple elegant ritual, and deep listening, with kindness, fierceness and fun stirred respectfully into the mix, we shall move from our arrivals into a dynamic framework.  

Participants will be invited to engage personally with questions such as these: 

  • What will the Findhorn Community look like, feel like, and act when it embraces and embodies it’s mature and healthy masculine energy? 
  • What difference would that make to you personally?
  • What gifts can you offer to this evolution? 
  • What may happen if we do not undertake this task now? 

This event is sponsored by the Findhorn Foundation and the NFA, it is intended to seed many more, the agenda and structure of which will be carried forward by the participants who wish to do so.  

NB - this event has been scheduled at short notice for various reasons. It’s the first in a series of men’s gatherings of this nature. None of them will be anything without you and other men. If you can’t make this one, rest assured the next one will be scheduled with more notice. 

My personal hope is that the elders of the community village attend, and that the existing local mens groups take the opportunity to gather as a larger community of men and that the young male adults are present.

Life depends on it. 

I'm also acutely aware of the need for the support and trust of the women in any community to bless such initiatives. Often they are the catalyst for men stepping toward this kind of initiative...anything any woman can do to help create awareness would be deeply appreciated. 

Admission by donation to cover venue cost.


There have been questions concerning the attendance of those under the age of 18. This has been my response. 

Q - I very much want to be part of this, yet, males under the age of 18 are not welcomed and I'll have my young son with me. 
Is it feasible, possible, that he and I could attend the first 20 minutes without jeopardising either the sanctity and privacy of the space, or his youthfulness, and manage to show him, and any other young underage males, that we men of all ages gather in council.
He and I (and any other under age males) could then leave at a facilitator's nod..
Could something of that like be possible?

A - If you feel called to bring your son into the space for the first few moments, I trust the men present will invite him and welcome him appropriately as your son. I will hold that intention. If other men see this and feel the same, that applies also. 

I ask also that we each please respect that this is a man's space...we need to build a community container that can welcome him and hold him, not just for a few hours on a Sunday, but for as long as he wants it. That will take time. 

It would be highly inappropriate / overwhelming to expose boys to deep men's work. 

When the moment comes, probably after 10 or 15 minutes, I will ask the boys leave...I hope the men can stay! 

At that point the space will be closed and no one else will be permitted to join. 

Maybe one of the things that will come from these gatherings will be a fathers circle...?

Thank you again for bringing this question. I hope this meets your request.