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A simple introduction to Embodied and Relational Trance and the Generative Self.

Applying the principles and practices of embodiment – through demonstrations, movement and dyad / triad exercises we shall explore ways to open a conversation directly with the creative unconscious realm of the body and the unique essence of the 'Deep Wise Self' that resides within each of us.

Drawing on principles and practices of Buddhism, Aikido, conscious movement and depth psychology Generative Coaching is a subtle yet potent way of entering a poetic conversation with our selves and the larger identities we are inevitably called to inhabit in the ever changing world. .

Once a balanced relationship is flowing between the Intellect / Rider and the Body / Horse, we are able to harness our 'Generative Self' and blend our intuitive / instinctual somatic intelligence with our rational mind's understanding of how best to move forward in any given moment and can chose new ways of being in the world.

I’m repeatedly humbled and inspired by the raw force of nature’s beauty and the potency and passions of the human imagination.

I am instinctually drawn to the dynamic and often confounding meeting places of the mind, body and soul. I am further drawn to where these personal streams of knowing meet the greater rivers of our primary relationships; to loved ones and work, and the physical and cultural environments that make up the oceans of our mutual lives.

I blend generative coaching and embodied trance work, Neuro Linguistic Programming and depth psychology with a deep respect for the natural world and the soul’s call to wholeness.

This evening will be particularly of interest to coaches, therapists and those in the helping professions as well as couples and anyone looking for a few simple, powerful tools and perspectives to support authentic growth from the inside out.

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