I develop and deliver a broad spectrum of bespoke, in-house experiential learning and education programmes for a diverse range of clients.

These include team days, both indoor and outdoor, through to 10 day NLP Business Practitioner programmes, to community engagement and conflict management programmes. A common thread binds my work together - to elicit the core operating values my clients hold dear; to explore these in their current context and develop a programme that best supports the inherent intelligence (skills, knowledge, influence) of the individual or group toward the solutions they want and need. I do this by experientially educating my clients in how and why core values are formed and specifically, how to recognise when they need updating. I utilise the presenting challenge in context to teach the tools necessary to enable them too confidently create systemic positive change in the real world.  

In essence, I work from the ground up, inside out. Group sizes have ranged from 6 to approximately 100 people. My clients include:

  • Avon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

  • Avon and Somerset Police HQ

  • Avon and Somerset NHS Trust

  • Wales NHS Trust

  • M.O.D.

  • Bristol NHS Trust

  • Southern Solar

  • Brey Leino

  • Ragdoll Research

  • The Compassionate Listening Project

  • John Seymour Associates

  • Cheltenham and Gloucester County Council

  • abandofbrothers

  • Raleigh International Bermuda

  • Coexist @ Hamilton House

  • Scotland the Big Picture / Wild Media

  • Trees for Life - Beaver Reintroduction / East West Wild

  • University of the Highland and Islands

  • Findhorn Foundation / New Findhorn Association

  • Earth for Life

In addition to these organisational offerings, I run several personal development events for men and women throughout the year.