Findhorn Heather.

Findhorn Heather.

"When I started working with Paul last Autumn I was stuck; in a state of stagnation and inertia I was also feeling an increasing sense of urgency and a deepening awareness that I just couldn’t keep on going like this. Something needed to shift, change, be unlocked, but I wasn’t sure what or how.......

Throughout our sessions Paul created and held safe spaces (physical/emotional/psychological) in which to engage with soulful work; an exciting, demanding, fascinating, moving, and at times difficult, process of exploration and excavation.

With Paul I felt I was being accompanied by an experienced, skilled, wise and compassionate guide who seems to instinctively know when to lead and when to follow, when to gently nurture and when to firmly challenge, and who has a way of being and humour that encourages and facilitates openness and discovery. I felt the benefits of Paul using a range of ‘tools and techniques’, of bringing different, new perspectives to the process. I also appreciated the opportunity to work outside as well as indoors and found it personalised to what I needed on the day/the stage I was at/what was unfolding and emerging. 

In grounded, supportive, creative ways Paul helped me with accessing and owning my inner wisdom and power, and in finding, engaging with and integrating parts of myself that I had lost or neglected. I have been enabled to ask some hard questions of myself and my life, and with more energy, determination, focus, commitment and understanding to begin to turn my face and look towards the future, to start to see new possibilities". 

K. Scotland.

"When I first met Paul we were sat around a fire. He was speaking of male suicide rates and sharing his experiences of guiding young men through the turbulent waters of adolescence. Two days previously I had held on to the arms of a distressed young male as he jumped from a roof top. The synchronicity of this meeting ran deep.  Since that meeting I have known Paul in various capacities, most recently Paul has mentored me following an initiatory experience of a Vision Quest marking my own transition in to adulthood. 

Having Paul walk alongside me on this journey has pulled me further in to life than perhaps I would have chosen to go on my own. I can take myself to the edge and I trust that Paul will meet me there; at the edge of my anguish, my fear, my uncertainty and my pain. He will meet me there in the place of change with a steady experienced hand. There is something of Paul’s presence in these moments that makes that precarious terrain feel safe, that speaks to the spirit of compassion, wisdom, humour and love, and which emboldens the desire of my soul to take a stand and awaken to the immensity of life.   

Paul’s sensitivity is such that he can sense rising tears from 500 miles. He understands when a softer touch may be needed, and when to bring me back to myself when I wander or hide. He invites the expression of an inner voice which speaks through the imagination and the language of dreams. He has a knack of asking the right questions in the right moments, questions which keep me connected, questions which sew seeds. Ultimately, there are moments with Paul where I feel my experience of life to be confirmed, that he has seen, heard and welcomed all that I come with, whilst holding the space for all that is undefined. I’m doing something here, and he gets it. That feels precious. To work with Paul is a blessing".

LB. Bristol. 


Findhorn River.

Findhorn River.

"I started working with Paul at a point where I felt I was being thrown about by events in my life. I knew I needed something to change, and I didn’t know what. With his support I found huge personal resilience, regained a sense of choice and control, and began a much deeper journey into understanding how I connect with the world. Paul creates a safe, compassionate and creative space in which I feel enriched, empowered, and enthralled by the world. Working with him has been one of the most powerfully transformative experiences of my life".

Thomas Beale. Bristol. 

"I have worked with Paul for many years now and he has seen us through some traumatic moments.  Paul's insight into the psyche and his ability to explain complex (and often life threatening) situations has been invaluable (and life saving) to myself and my husband.  Knowing that he can, without fail, make sense of even the most devastating and confusing situations is of great comfort. I feel blessed to have had him in our lives and the more I understand about myself and others through the hours of talking (and often walking) with him, the more I have been able to gain insight and clarity for myself and by myself.  He asked for a simple but heartfelt testimonial … two young children still have their father and a wife still has her husband because of the work he did with us as a family … there is no greater testimony.  He saved a life, a family and gave us all back a future". 

DP. Scotland.

Found Eagle Feathers. Indianola. Washington State.

Found Eagle Feathers. Indianola. Washington State.

"Working with Paul has been an eye-opener for me. I feel seen, heard, held, safe, blessed and challenged. I was surprised by the many skills and tools he brings and uses to work with and the fine balance between, discovering and unveiling my patterns, behaviors, relationships and past experiences. Paul is very quick to the point and is not afraid to challenge me and open my eyes to a different perspective."

Gijs van Hamersveld. Scotland. 

"Paul's ability to attune to me and work deeply and intuitively, deftly running with what arose in our session, was remarkable. Indeed, one 2-hour session of generative coaching was enough for me to emerge into a new level of heart energy and consciousness, and Paul held this powerful and beautiful process with strength, wisdom and humility. I continue on my way with a spring in my step, feeling utterly radiant and ready for the world!"

Alasdair Taylor. Eco-Therapist, Scotland.

Findhorn River, Rain and Reflection.

Findhorn River, Rain and Reflection.

Paul has supported me and my business over the last 4 years. With his assistance both have grown and evolved under his skillful guidance.
As a coach he is invaluable to me, by creating a space where alternative options arise and the energy of stuck patterns can be shifted. It's subtle, it feels like just chatting it over with your mate, but the impact is profound.

As a facilitator he has led my organisation through a couple of team days, again opening up new paradigms and ways of seeing our shared values. He is a pleasure to work with, he challenges you when you need challenging and he has a gift for seeing the underlying structures that are somehow just out of your sight.

Luke Hutchinson. Bristol.

"I have worked with Paul at various times over the last ten years, both in times of peace and in incredibly painful and fragile situations. The journey has been profound and transformative. Paul can smile at overwhelming adversity and name it a terrifying gift. And then hold the space to allow that to come to being and be processed. It is not first aid, it is deep soulful work. I count Paul among the few people in my life who have touched me at such a deep level and am hugely grateful for the work we have done together. Life changing." 

LD. Scotland.


I have had a couple of sessions with Paul, one of them I would describe as 'therapy' and the other as more connected with 'coaching'
To start I was curious about Paul's approach to therapy as he appeared to have created his unique one. Secondly I sought his help because I believed he could understand and support my process as he had walked that path before me. Thirdly, I find in Paul a good balance between spiritualily and being grounded and pragmatic when needed. In my experience there are not many people showing that equilibrium. 

I found Paul’s approach to very kind but also penetrative effect. After our work together, I found myself motivated to carry my projects forward with a sense of being able to ‘trust the process’. This has assisted me in clearly defining what I want to do and pursuing it. It was also useful to discuss the balance between giving direction to a project and at the same time allowing flexibility to it.
IPR, Movenment Psychotherapist and Independent Social Worker, Bristol.

To find a therapist with such presence and integrity who would approach my therapy with total compassion and commitment was impossible to imagine until I met Paul.

When I was searching for a therapist, I hoped that they would help me to live with my 'demons'. Paul taught me how to love the parts of myself that I had hated so passionatly. He held me mentally, emotionally and spiritually on my journey as I healed each wound one by one.

Paul had an amazing ability to be exactly what I needed at any given time, and no words can describe my gratitude to him for this.
I recommend Paul as a therapist to anyone who seeks a richer connection to themselves. Anyone who wishes to feel heard, empowered and supported. Anyone who wants to experience themselves fully and move in to a deeper level of living.'

A.L. Holistic Therapist, Glastonbury.

Sand, Water, Tide.

Sand, Water, Tide.