I’m a city kid, born in London and raised in the countryside. Home is now on the coast of Scotland, close to wild rivers, mountains and beaches. My back-yard is a big sky and skeins of migrating wild geese.

School was a social experiment for me. I was capable, just not convinced it was meaningful. Age 16 I took an engineering apprenticeship in Central London. In 1997 I elected to study applied psychology as part of my leadership development programme. I studied for 5 years applying it to my work and developing my style coaching colleagues and a few friends. Making the most of the new skills and opportunities I became technical IT infrastructure programme manager for Transco. One afternoon at an investment committee presentation I had a moment of clarity. My core values had evolved.

In 2003 I left my corporate career of 17 years. Following my instincts and curiosity I travelled extensively for two years. I continued coaching people I met along the way. Through Africa, around the Pacific, the length of the USA, and Canada, on beaches, on busses, in bars and in boardrooms.

I returned to the UK and established Clarity Coaching, offering coaching, training and consultancy in Bristol, South West England.

I continued to study psychology and travel in the UK and North America periodically. My client base grew into an established portfolio of organisational clients operating at the sharp end of cultural change and transition. I also began to work therapeutically and gained deeper understandings and built skills enabling me to work with trauma, addiction, suicide, depression etc. My peer group was made up of psychologists, artists, and social entrepreneurs, mirroring a sector of my client group.

Since 1997 I’ve taught various facets of psychology to the public, to organisations, and in university. I’ve applied my understandings in my role as a consultant, trainer, coach, mentor and therapist to help clients navigate the landscapes beyond the edge of their creative capacities. 

After working with the Jungian Dr Robert Moore, Ph.D, in 2007 I founded JourneymanUK and stewarded a rough and ready community initiative into a thriving charity offering men and adolescent boys and their communities a contemporary rite of passage and peer mentoring network.

I moved to the North-East of Scotland in 2015. My work continues to evolve in terms of its focus and substance. My professional time is divided between my 1:1 generative coaching practice, and consulting and facilitation work with organisations, NGO’s and community groups.

Along side these I’m just about ready to launch The Helios Fellowship where I am applying lessons learned during my time with Journeyman. It’s specific focus is the education and training of generative community leaders and through them, creating an ethical, responsible and accountable nation-wide peer mentor network for boys and men, complimented by contemporary nature based rites-of-passage.