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Thank you for stopping by my website. I hope you find some useful and inspiring information here amongst the photography, poetry and other articles and links. As well as information about my work, my wish is it's place you come to be inspired in some way.

For over 20 years I have worked with individuals and organisations who recognise life is calling them forward. I support them as they embrace the invitation and enter a courageous conversation with the future, each in their own way. 

It's a conversation that takes place where you need it to. I work in person 1:1 on sofas, in cafes and coffee shops, on wild walks beside rivers and oceans, amongst mountains and forests, in corporate offices, boardrooms and training suites or gathered around a fire during workshops or a wilderness retreat; and nationally and internationally over the phone and via the web.  

Whatever the context, my clients share the same deep desire; to fully embrace their lives and in doing so, make a positive and lasting contribution to the communities and cultures they care about. They are committed to living authentic and creative lives sourced from within.    



Deep Eco-Psychology is a synthesis of Generative Coaching, Self-Relations Psychotherapy, Systemic Trance, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and classical Depth Psychologies - all rooted in the  instinctual wisdom of human body and the wild natural world. 

Essentially it's a way of learning how to creatively embrace your evolving life, and the ever changing world.   

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